About Us

Garden Critters of New Mexico began in 1998 in our garage. After a couple of years people began to ask for more and more designs some of them their own and wanted finished steel rather than plain steel that would rust very quickly. We still do the plain steel if requested. We always welcome suggestions and ideas from our customers. Most of our product is cut from 16 gauge steel however; we can cut thicker pieces if requested. We now finish our products with true patinas as well as using seven different lacquer colors. The number of colors changes as we find more that we like or that customers want. We also have a line of wind chimes that are cut from stainless steel so that they don’t tarnish outdoors. We will also do the chimes so that the top portion is lacquered if you want some color. Originally our products were for the outdoors, now they are for either decorating the exterior or interior of your home or office. We do custom orders and architectural designs.